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Company FAQ

Who are Agora’s clients?

Many global clients have implemented the Agora SDK in over half a billion machines for dozens of industry applications.

For example:

  • China: Xiaomi Tech, MOMO, Alibaba, Ctrip, Qunar, Meitu, Cheetach, Werewolf, Seasun Games
  • Outside of China: Hike (India), Meetme (U.S.A), V-cube (Japan)

Other clients are not listed here out of confidentiality.

How many years has Agora been in this business?

Agora was founded by Tony Zhao in Santa Clara, USA, in 2014. Tony was one of the first engineers at WebEx, and a former CTO of YY, a technology company listed on NASDAQ in 2012. The purpose of establishing Agora was to enable high-threshold, real-time communications technology and services to be accessible by developers around the world. Agora has an innovative technology architecture and consists of experts with years of experience in communications services. Agora is not only the first but the largest real-time communications service provider in the world.

What services does Agora provide?

  1. Voice/Video Call and Live Broadcast SDK: The Agora Native SDK can be embedded into any app or web browser to start a voice/video call or live broadcast. The SDK supports all platforms: iOS,Android,Windows,macOS, and the web. We have also adapted over 5000 devices to guarantee compatibility.
  2. Virtual Software Defined Real-time Network (SD-RTN ™): Agora has deployed over 100 data centers globally to optimize the voice and video transmission internationally, and provides intelligent routing algorithms across networks to monitor and adjust the networks in real time.
  3. Assured QoE Communication Services: To maintain 99.9% network connectivity and availability, real-time data is monitored through our backend services.

What are the differences between Agora CaaS (Communications as a Service) and other voice/video network services?

  • Agora provides global call support through data centers and thousands of servers that help your apps achieve high-quality and stable communications globally. In regions with old network infrastructure and poor network conditions, high-quality communication is a challenge. Agora guarantees higher call quality than the industry average by using patented optimization algorithms.
  • Agora’s unique call data reporting service provides voice/video call APIs along with special APIs to inspect the call quality.
  • Agora supports many mobile devices since Agora CaaS supports all iOS devices and 90% of Android devices. Agora’s unique algorithm boosts low-end devices by adding echo cancellation and noise reduction if they are missing from the hardware. Using the Agora network optimizes mobile devices and increases battery life.
  • Full platform support including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Java-based web browsers, providing customer products with high-quality and real-time communication services.
  • Easy API integration allows quick integration of the Agora SDK and enables high-quality, real-time communication for apps in only half an hour.
  • Agora holds multiple patents related to public network voice quality, and has applied for dozens of patents in fields such as real-time voice and video codecs designed especially for real-time communication and mobile networks.
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