Live Quiz: Overview

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Live Quiz: Overview

A live quiz normally involves one host and a large audience, where the host quizzes the audience and the audience who correctly answers all questions get to share a prize.

Challenges in Live Quizzes


Live quizzes normally include the following components:

  • Live broadcast
  • Join a host/broadcaster
  • Answer live quizzes
  • Win a prize

The green blocks in the previous figure show functions that Agora currently provides. For how to enable these functions, see Live Quiz: Client SDK Integration.

The following challenges must be first addressed when implementing live quizzes:

1. Unsynchronized Broadcast

Broadcast delays and unsynchronized voice and video directly affect the user experience and the audience may lose interest during a quiz competition. Therefore, the transmission of the media content and signaling must be synchronized.

Too many participants joining a live quiz in a short period of time may lead to a system breakdown.

2. Scenario-based Live Video-streaming Broadcast

The host may play video clips, co-host with celebrities, or send questions in video format, causing high-load demands on the media services.

3. Screen Freeze or Black Screen Caused by too Many Participants

A live quiz app may attract many participants in a short period of time, causing a screen freeze or black screen if either the media or signaling service fails to function properly.

4. Unreliable Signaling System

An unreliable signaling system may cause issues such as missing questions or inaccurate results, affecting the user experience and leading to eventual user loss.

Introduction to Agora’s Live Quiz Solution

  • The host/broadcaster pushes voice and video streams to the clients in real time using the Agora Interactive Broadcast SDK.
  • The Agora Signaling SDK facilitates communication between the audience and the host, retrieves the number of current users in the channel, and pushes questions and answers synchronously.
  • The Agora Signaling SDK ensures that the video stream is synchronized with the questions.

Why Use Agora’s Live Quiz Solution?

Using Agora’s live quiz solution has the following advantages:

  • Ultra-low latency in the interaction and answering of questions ensure a smooth pace and fairness of the live quiz.
  • More than 200 globally deployed Agora data centers can accommodate tens of thousands of participants and sub-channels in one channel.
  • Agora’s self-developed cloud structure and more than 200 data centers provide quality signaling that guarantees reliable and timely communication and participant numbers.
  • Support for real-time broadcast background switches and programme production process control provides a TV show experience.
  • Compatible with the CDN (content delivery network) to support RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) streaming and sharing through social platforms.
  • Compatible with ARkit and ARcore.
  • Support for holographic images for the host.
  • Platform support for Android, iOS, the Web, and H5.
  • Globally-deployed services enable development around the world.

Scenarios and Solutions

Agora provides solutions for different scenarios:

Solution 1. Basic Live Broadcast Model

This model allows the host to live broadcast a quiz for the audience to answer the questions by messaging, with an option to apply to co-host.


Solution 2. Co-host Model

This model allows the audience to see both the host and co-host (for example, a celebrity), while the co-host can also interact with the host and answer questions.


Solution 3. Team Model

This model allows the audience to answer questions as a team.

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