Document Revision History

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Document Revision History

Product Overview

Version Document Title Revision History
v2.1.0 Agora Voice Overview A new document that provides a description of the voice product.

Quickstart Guides

Version Document Title Revision History
v2.1.0 Basic: Making a Voice Call Added content on starting a video call, that was originally included in the Quickstart Guides.

API Reference

Version Document Title Revision History
v2.1.0 Voice Call API
  • Modified the description on the createClient() modes.
  • Modified the setRemoteVideoStreamType parameter description and added descriptions on web browsers that are not entirely compatible with dual streams.
  • Modified the description on stop().
  • Added the descriptions on enableDualStream and disableDualStream.
  • Added the description on setLogLevel to set the log level.
  • Added the descriptions on mute-audio, unmute-audio, mute-video, and unmute-video.
  • Added the description on client-banned.
  • Added the description on getStats to check the connection status of the Internet.
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