Agora Video Overview

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Agora Video Overview

The Agora Native SDK for Video consists of an SDK and a set of APIs to access Agora’s real-time network to enjoy quality video calls.

With Agora’s globally-deployed SD-RTN™ (Software Defined Real-time Network) and end-to-end network technology, the Agora Native SDK for Video provides superior voice call quality with minimum latency and low packet loss.

The Agora Native SDK for Video enables your app to have the following advantages in one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many video calls:

  • Support for group video calls with 10,000+ users.
  • Support for recording at the server in various recording modes.
  • Crystal clear video on all bands.
  • Echo cancellation and noise reduction.
  • Packet loss recovery to minimize the impact of 30% packet loss and enable normal communications for 70% packet loss.
  • Global coverage that guarantees video quality regardless of the distance.
  • Compatible with apps and websites.
  • Compatible with iOS and 5,000+ Android devices.


The Agora Native SDK for Video can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Social interaction: One-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many video calls.
  • Gaming: Online games that require real-time communications.
  • Call/support centers: Reliable video quality makes it a preferred choice for call/support centers.
  • Remote medical assistance: Remote medical diagnosis and online consultations enable patients to access medical resources in remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Online education: Enables quick and clear communications between teachers and students regardless of their locations.
  • Teleconferences: Enables corporate meetings, employee trainings, and online collaboration from apps and websites.


As the first solution provider for real-time voice and video communications, Agora has its own voice and video algorithms and cloud services with the following advantages:

  • Patented-voice technology enables noise reduction, echo cancellation, and all-band sampling.
  • Self-developed video technology enables plotting points in seconds, bandwidth adaptation, minimum packet loss, and low latency.
  • Compatible with all mainstream platforms and WebRTC (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera browsers).
  • Streamlined design of the API enables quick integration.
  • An optimized SDK package taking up minimum internal storage


  • Quickstart Guides on how to deploy and quickly get started on using the Agora Native SDK for Video.
  • API Reference lists various APIs to call and their functions when using the Agora Native SDK for Video.
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