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Security FAQ

Are services provided by Agora safe?

Agora provides a safe platform, and all transmitted signals are encrypted.

What security does Agora provide?

Agora provides multiple encryption schemas according to different requirements.

See Information Security Policy.

I want to customize the data encryption for my app, what should I do?

Agora SDKs provide interfaces to encrypt transmitted app voice and video data by using a proprietary encryption algorithm.

Is Agora HIPAA compliant?


How does the Agora network handle DDoS attacks?

Agora regularly scans the core network nodes, check, and clean up possible security vulnerabilities. An anti-DDoS firewall is also implemented on each cloud data center to protect core nodes from any attack. In our global data centers, Agora reserves over 50% of redundancy bandwidth for core servers with sufficient capacity and resources to control the risk of DDoS.

Do Agora servers store any voice or video content?

No, Agora servers do not store any voice or video content. Agora SDKs send some information to Agora servers for quality and problem reporting purposes. This information includes records of the date, time, and duration of the call, and failure records. Agora does not collect information that affects privacy. For any concerns, contact

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