Claw Machine: Overview

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Claw Machine: Overview


Agora provides its partners with two online claw machine solutions:

  • A software-only solution.
  • An all-inclusive hardware and software solution.


An online claw machine solution includes the following hardware and software.


  • A claw machine
  • A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for controlling the claw (normally runs on Android or Linux)
  • Two cameras for capturing the video
  • A PC (Personal Computer) or an Android device for receiving the captured video.


  • An app installed on the claw machine server for processing and streaming the captured video
  • An app installed on the user client for switching between cameras and controlling the claw remotely.

The following figure shows Agora’s proprietary infrastructure of an online claw machine solution.


Agora’s Software-only Solution

Agora’s software-only solution is for customers who already have a physical claw machine and only need the following two Agora SDKs:

  • Agora Native SDK for Video
  • Agora Signaling SDK, for functions such as queuing the players and viewers

The following roles are defined in Agora’s online claw machine solution:

  • Claw machine (server)
  • Player (client)
  • Viewer (client)
Role Supported Platforms
Server (Claw machine)
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
Client (Player or Viewer)
  • Windows
  • Android
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • The Web
  • H5

The following figure shows a functional level of Agora’s software-only claw machine solution:



Agora does not recommend subscribing both cameras (joining the host). Otherwise, you will be charged by the video rate instead of the voice rate.

The following figure shows the API call sequence of Agora’s software-only solution.



Agora provides optimization tools for Windows and Android claw machine servers for cost efficiency. Agora recommends rebooting the PCB every 24 hours. We are working on optimization tools for Linux claw machine servers.

Agora’s All-inclusive Solution

Agora’s all-inclusive claw machine solution is a customized hardware and software solution for customers without a physical claw machine and the required software expertise.

Agora’s all-inclusive solution includes but is not limited to:

  • A claw machine and other supporting hardware.
  • Sample code that can be seamlessly integrated into any app.
  • Server sample code or app that implements functions such as claw and success-rate controls.
  • A client app that implements functions such as room assignment, room management, player queuing, login, payment, result registration, and live commentaries.

Agora provides different solutions catered for different needs. Contact for more information.

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