Agora Signaling Overview

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Agora Signaling Overview

The Agora Signaling SDK is a signaling add-on to deploy communication services in one-to-one and group calls, live broadcasts, whiteboards in video conferences, and real-time interactive games.


The Agora Signaling SDK can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Display text messages in group calls
  • Live broadcast: Enable live viewer commentaries, gifting, rewarding, cross-channel invitations, banning users, muting, channel listing, and online number count.
  • Online education: Enable whiteboards, whiteboard access management, student lists, student access management, rewarding, hand raising, and giving thumbs up.
  • Call center/VoIP: Call invitations
  • Facilitate real-time interactive games.


The Agora Signaling SDK consists of the following features:

  • On the client side, the SDK supports iOS version 7.0 or later
  • On the Android, macOS, and Windows server side, the SDK supports Java.
  • Functions can be combined and applied in various scenarios for the best possible experience.
  • Quality, timeliness, and reliable communications with Agora’s cloud service deployment and over 100 data centers.


  • Quickstart Guides on how to deploy and use the Agora Signaling SDK, to complete various tasks, such as sending text messages and making a call.
  • API Reference lists various APIs to call and their functions when using the Agora Signaling SDK.
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